NS 150 students completed a Service-Learning project last week on Nov. 5, with the intention to increase local food source awareness and improve the community garden. Students worked hard to run the produce stand, build garden beds, and cook pumpkin bars from all natural organic ingredients. It served as a great teaching tool and passerby LCSC students, faculty, and staff were delighted by the fresh produce and efforts of the class. LC Service Corps provided staff, tents (it poured down rain), and reusable bags for those taking produce. It was an all-around successful event and LCSC is the healthier for it.

This Saturday, September 15, LCSC Community Warriors Volunteer Center is organizing activities for the 9/11 Day of Remembrance. On 9/11 and the days surrounding it, thousands of people across the country are volunteering, giving back in their communities to commemorate the lives of the victims and heroes of the 9/11 attacks.

On Saturday, starting at 9:00 a.m., volunteers are needed at Modie Park, next to the Osborne Community Gardens. Volunteers will be cleaning and doing maintenance on the outside grounds of the Osborne Interpretive Center. This will entail weeding, raking, etc. You are asked to bring your own set of gardening gloves. Members of the LCSC baseball team and Veterans Club will be among those volunteering for the project.

In addition, baseball players will be helping to reroof the Habitat for Humanity Store in Lewiston, but no additional volunteers are needed for that project.

The Habitat for Humanity project is being organized by the Community Warriors Volunteer Center and the Modie Park project is being organized by the Community Warriors Volunteer Center in conjunction with the WA-ID Volunteer Center.

For more information please contact Alicia Reddy at amreddy@lcsc.edu or


Here are some pictures from Residence Life’s annual Saturday of Service event where students gave back to the valley through a variety of service projects ranging from washing cars and painting classrooms at Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Center and sorting clothes at St.Vincent De Paul to Helping out at Hot August Nights. Due to the student’s hard work and commitment a lot was accomplished and the day was a great success! Thanks again LCSC Residence Life for putting on such a great day of service!

SAT Meeting Minutes 8/23/2012
In Attendance (9):
Greg Meyer Alicia Reddy Matt Graves Sarah Reaves (for Savannah)
Charlette Kremer Jeanette Gara Kathy Martin Angela Weiland Thomas Walker

Positive things we are doing at LCSC!
• Switching the lights in the gym to more energy efficient bulbs, good work Matt!
• We are working on how to switch to single stream recycling. This would require each building to have a recycling person to be responsible for taking it to the designated recycling areas, and needs to be further developed.

Meeting Notes
• Sodexo: We need to put something in the pathfinder and intraner about the reusable food containers. Sidenote: we had the reusable containers at the Welcome Fair and they were well received! We want to advertise to faculty as well so PSO and CSO faculty avenues need to be looked into.
• Unfortunately due to an asbestos issue and other construction related problems the learning garden is still on hold. Best case scenario is looking like this Spring Semester.
• We discussed the different plots (there are 6) because Thomas Walker is using one for the garden and Matt Graves would like one for an orchard. There needs to be further discussion on how to best utilize this space without conflict or compromising the current mission of using it for educational purposes. It was brought up to establish a person or committee to potentially oversee this. Additionally, In the future there could be issues and because it may not be permanent it might be smart to create a proposal of some kind in order to ensure its long term success.
• Because Matt has to listen to grievances about a bunch of the sustainable movements on campus due to people finding them aesthetically unpleasant, education and understanding need to be raised. We might want to look into a promotional campaign to get students and faculty to see the benefits of these projects such as the wildflowers on campus.
• We decided the petition should be student read, and Alicia will look into a student group who might be interested in picking it up.
• Looking into further developing recycling on campus, need to come up with the best way to do this?

• I will be sending out a doodle to figure out when SAT meetings fit into everyone’s schedules so stay tuned.

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Students from Lewis-Clark State College and the University of Idaho spent five days during their Spring Break in Hells Canyon, Idaho volunteering to do habitat restoration with the Department of Idaho Fish and Game. The work was done to help restore an area damaged by a wildfire in 2007. This is the second year LCSC has coordinated a trip like this with Fish and Game and we hope to make this collaboration an annual tradition!

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